Over the last few decades artificial insemination (AI) has been instrumental in increasing milk yield, and thereby farmers' income in the country. One of the signature benefits of AI is that this method that has the potential of rapid dissemination of elite male genetic material over a large geographical area. Even though AI is very powerful and useful technique for increasing the productivity of indigenous animals, the backbone for an effective AI program is the quality of the semen available.

As more and more farmers are adopting AI the demand for quality semen has grown exponentially and this has resulted in many semen stations, both government and private parties, cropping up throughout the country. Even though the semen station numbers have increased, farmers have no assurance of the quality of semen received from these stations. Also many providers have exorbitantly priced high genetic merit bull semen which most farmers cannot afford. Presently many semen stations cater only to select parts of the country leaving majority of the farmers high and dry. In light of this NDDB-DS with its deep rooted commitment to provide affordable high quality genetics to the dairy farmers, decided to set up a brand called Superior Animal Genetics (SAGTM).

SAG comprises of some of the best A-graded semen stations in the country that are located in key strategic areas enabling us to serve farmers throughout the length and breadth of the country.


What sets SAG apart from the rest is our

  • Unwavering commitment to quality
  • Best genetics at affordable rates
  • Constant strive to improve and bring in latest technology
  • Quality Assurance to our customers

These factors has helped us become the top selling and also the most revered semen brand in the country.


The SAG straw is unique in itself and is designed in such a way to differentiate it from imitators. Each dose of the SAG semen would carry a unique alpha-numeric code which when messaged to a stipulated mobile number will generate a reply message stating whether the semen dose used is genuine or counterfeit.


We at SAG are committed to upgrade Indian cattle and buffalo's genetic potential and drive prosperity for our farmers